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Quantum Wave Technologies Ltd. is a privately owned Canadian company based in West Grey, Ontario, Canada northwest of Toronto that specializes in creating and designing innovative new technologies for a wide range of markets with applications in four main areas of Life Sciences, Animal Health, Alternative Energy and ECO Technolgies.


Through our extensive network of engineering, industrial design, R&D and our testing labs, Quantum Wave Technologies is on the forefront of providing leading edge technologies to both commercial and consumer markets for our products and services.














Quantum Wave Technologies is a new wave of professional disciplens combined into one company that is dedicated to the creation and development of a wide range of products and services for many end users and markets in the following areas:


Self-Directed Therapy/Pain Relief Products

Animal Health

Alternative Energy

Innovation Technology


Garth Holding President/Visionary Entrepreneur is the founder of Quantum Wave Technologies Ltd. a visionary with an extensive track record over 30 years in design, innovation and the development of new technologies for various markets and applications. Through our team of highly skilled engineers, industrial designers, technologists we are leading the way through innovation of new products and services for the global market.

Q Wave Pulse TM 

Patented and FDA Approved electronic device for healing chronic pain and injuries through pulse waves of low-frequency therapy from 3.3 Hz to 11 Hz in four pre-set frequencies that penetrate deep into muscle, tissue and joints to relieve pain, increase blood flow and help the body to heal the injured area upto 40% faster than other products on the market.


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