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Alternative Energy


We look at new ways to develop alternative energy solutions from harnessing the wind, capturing the flow of water or collecting solar rays for power this is all part of the innovation at Quantum Wave Technologies Ltd. in the area of alternative energy and ECO design, understanding better ways of developing life around nature or Biomimcry in designing products around nature are all part of what we do to better imagine and create new innovation in energy and ECO sciences.


Currently we have designs in place for bladeless wind turbines that would collect megawatts of power from the wind but have a zero effect on human populations and nature. Finding solutions to our ever changing world and environment is one of our key goals at Quantum Wave Technologies.


Wind Energy, Hydro Power, Solar, Solar Steam Generation, Bio Fuels, Green Energy, Current & Tide Power, Water Treatment, Resourse Management, Micro Cell Generators, Electric Vehicles, Hydrogene Cells, collection and storage are current designs being developed by Garth Holding and our engineers.


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