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New Technologies in frequency healing through Self Directed Pain Management that assist doctors and patients to better treat, heal and increase the healing time of injuries with a drug-free approach are first and foremost in our design goals of Quantum Wave Technologies Ltd.


We work with doctors, physiotherpists, sports therapists, trainers and medical specialists in finding better ways to treat patients who suffer daily from a wide range of medical conditions from chronic pain to arthritis, muscle and joint injuries.



Introducing the Q Wave Pulse TM our Patented healing disc product for helping to heal pain, the Q Wave Pulse TM is doctor approved and FDA cleared allowing people the ability to control pain with a drug free approach and alternative to high priced and highly addictive pain medication.


Our newest release and soon to be on the market is the Q Wave Pulse TM energy healing disc. The Q Wave Pulse TM utilizes low-frequencies below 12 Hz to help heal pain caused by a wide range of injuries.



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