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Introducing the Q-Wave Pulse™ pain management healing disc that uses proven scientific energy medicine to heal and repair injuries, wounds, bruising, nerve damage and controls pain without the use of drugs. No more addiction to high priced medications that do more harm than good and have many side effects.


Pain Free Naturally, Actively Intellegent!









The Q Wave Pulse TM Pain Management healing disc  2 Watt Solar Charger                   Q Wave Pulse TM Attached Velcro Sport 










Q Wave Pulse TM ActiveFit Knee Brace                                                    Q Wave Pulse TM ActiveFit            Q Wave Pulse TM ActiveFit             Q Wave Pulse TM ActiveFit Cap

with adjustable support and disc holders                                                  back support brace double disc    Wrist/Carpo support









The Q Wave Pulse TM PetPulse frequency

healing device for animals will be available in 2016




If interested in speaking with Quantum Wave Technolgies Ltd. regarding our innovative products and services for Public Relations, Media, News Stories comments or interviews or all enquiries from News, current trands, TV or Radio interviews.



Garth Holding may be reached at the following e-mail for any inquiries or speak with his wife Joanne at (519) 369-6553 about scheduling or her perspective on developing innovative products and as a partner with Garth on building a company together.



All items listed above including the revolutionary Q Wave Pulse TM pain management disc and supports will be ready to purchase by early 2016.


You can help us get our Q Wave Pulse TM to market by making a donation by simply clicking the Buy Now secure Pay Pal button to our account and donating any amount. We Thank You for your support in our product.

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